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32 Workouts to Pick & Play From: 

8 foundations workouts
8 EMOM workouts
8 Mobility workouts
8 Team workouts

10 Weeks Access: 

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Experience the framework of our HōmeBodies training method.  

Don’t get it twisted; Foundations 🚫 Easy. 

8 quintessential workouts that help set you up for success and leave you pain free. 

Whether you’ve been curious about our HōmeBodies subscription programs or want to build your functional strength, get your sweat on, and fine tune your motor skills, this pack is for you! 

This pack lays the foundation to train for the long haul, without injuries from overuse or poor movement.  

8 Workouts | 1 Month Access | Only $35

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Elevate your movement efficiency and test your limits. 

What is an EMOM?
EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute. At the top of each minute you’ll perform the movement listed and then rest until the top of the next minute. Then you’ll perform the next movement - and so on, until the entire time given is complete. The quicker you complete the movement, the longer your rest period. 

Our EMOM pack pushes you to the edge & is one of our favorite training methodsGet ready to increase your endurance, burn fat and build muscle. Win - Win - Win. 

8 Workouts | 1 Month Access | Only $35

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Master your mobility and increase your range of motion.

We recover harder than we train.

Movement is life and finding ways to explore that movement to create better mobility is key.

Just like a daily multi-vitamin, a comprehensive mobility and movement routine will leave you feeling energized and performing better in all aspects of life.

Feel better 👉 Perform better.

8 Workouts | 1 Month Access | Only $35

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Catch the HōmeBodies hype and get a taste of our community.

This pack consists of pre-recorded live workouts that crank up the intensity and push you out of your comfort zone. Feel energized with these l
ung burning, sweat dripping bangers while experiencing the #noexcuses community virtually right beside you.

Here at Homebodies, we start together and we finish together - and this pack showcases that.

8 Workouts | 1 Month Access | Only $35

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"The variety in intensity made it easy to commit to and not burn out! Also the warmups and cooldown stretches were great and helped ease me into the workout."

Alicia Z

"I have felt and seen the BEST results from doing your workouts. I really appreciate that you both focus on doing the movements CORRECTLY, when soooooooooo many trainers don't. I will forever think, 'SUCK OXYGEN' during and after all workouts. :)"

Julia D


"Nate's passion for fitness and thoughtfulness in the dynamic flow is evident. You two are a great team! I've been running more, so these fit in my lifestyle right now. Thank you!"

Helen K

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What you get:

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  • All workouts include warm up, cool down and minute by minute in-ear coaching for proper form and performance
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