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1 new workout, everyday for 365 days.

We start together, we finish together. We are committed to your health not just for today, but for the long run.

We want to make the quality of your life outside the gym better.

This #NoExcuses mindset has generated incredible results, and our members continually say it’s the one workout program they can show up to every day.


The results speak for themselves

We focus on building healthy, strong, resilient bodies so you can show up as your best self the other 23 hours of the day.

Each workout is programmed around functionality, strength, mobility and motor control. If you lack in any of these 4 elements, you will eventually plateau in your fitness journey.

That's why this program is based on progressions aka building blocks and cycles to keep challenging your bodies week in and week out, while maintaining a level of sustainability so you can continue to show up.

The creative, fun, and unique movements are just the cherry on top!


Yearly Subscription ($540)


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  • 7 new, creative, full body, follow along workouts a week
  • Pop up Live workouts
  • Proper Form Mechanics videos 
  • Access to our VIP Community to be held accountable and keep you motivated
  • Weekly and Monthly workout accountability calendars
  • Billed Annually at $540
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Monthly Subscription



  • 7 new, creative, full body, follow along workouts a week

  • Pop up Live workouts

  • Proper Form Mechanics videos  

  • Access to our VIP Community to be held accountable and keep you motivated

  • Weekly and Monthly workout accountability calendars 

  • Billed monthly at $79
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HōmeBodies is perfect for you if:


You're looking for a no-bullshit, zero excuses crew that will motivate you to move better, get stronger, and feel good! 

You want to be a consistent exerciser and see REAL results.

You want time to fly while working out because it's FUN!

You're looking for a sustainable workout program because you're sick of falling off.

You want thoughtful and creative movements that will get your mind and muscles firing

You believe in fitness for your health, well being and future!



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About us!

HōmeBodies was born out of our passion for moving our bodies and sweating daily! It's how we found a sense of normalcy and a new routine during lockdowns. We made it through quarantine together, learned a lot, and realized that not only is this something WE love to share with you, but YOU loved being a part of, too!

HōmeBodies is a lifestyle and community for anyone who wants to incorporate fitness into their life for the long run, for their health, and happiness.

Since then, our members model a #NoExcuses mindset that creates accountability to help everyone show up daily — including us! 

With HōmeBodies we commit to uploading one brand new, follow along,  45-1 hr workout every single day. So it’s safe to say HōmeBodies will always be boring-free and keep you on your toes!

Certifications: Nate is a ISSA , NASM , Pain Free Performance Specialist Certified, CrossFit Level 1 Coach Certified, and USA Boxing Certified trainer. Remi is an Institute of Integrated Nutrition Certified Health Coach and wellness blogger.

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We donate a portion of our net sales to Hounds and Heroes. A nonprofit dedicated to lifting the spirits of our active, wounded, and veteran military troops worldwide with rescue doggos. Thank you!