Homebodies isn’t just a way to workout, it is a community of friends, colleagues and battle buddies that motivate, support and push each other to be 1% better every single day.

What Our Members Say


Since joining Homebodies, I’ve lost 20kgs, gained massive amounts of confidence — this actually prompted me to go on a date with someone, and guess what? I’m marrying him next month!! :D I just wanted to share this with you to show how much of an impact your program has — so much more than just the body! Thanks for changing my life :)

I love this program and this community! I was so sick of following workout guides from fitness influencers and how repetitive things were week by week. Every day is new and challenging! I love how even though no matter what week we are on, I feel both of you are very present in the video and how involved you are with the community. Thank you!!!

The past five years I’ve had such a weird relationship with my fitness/health. I’d tried a ton of different programs, going hard for 6 months and then falling off and undoing all my progress - rinse and repeat. HomeBodies truly feels like a lifestyle change for me and I appreciate all of the thought and detail that goes into every single workout.

The programme is varied, original and at the same time evolving! This is really the first sports programme in which I am not bored! I want to continue thanks to my growing motivation but I am also learning more and more to be disciplined.

 I am the most flexible I have been in my entire life, my posture has improved and I have seen the biggest change in my upper body strength (something that I’ve always struggled with). The focus on all three of these aspects in our everyday workouts has been incredibly rewarding as I feel this is the most well-rounded outlook on fitness that I’ve ever experienced.

I have been seeing a physical therapist for chronic pain from an old knee injury (3+ years ago) and she is amazed by my mobility which I attribute to Homebodies.


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