Don't sacrifice the gift

mindset Aug 10, 2022

 The more I think about it- (at least in my eyes) coaching is about 97% just inspiring &/or provoking people to get out of their own way,  so they can tap into their full potential. 

That's probably because exercise has always been about so much more than just building muscles for me. I don't know a whole lot about the world, but I have come to understand that for some reason- the hardest moments seem to be the most rewarding ones. 

Some of our badass Hōmebodies members.


From being the scrawniest dude in my platoon—needing to put on strength for carrying combat loads…

Now as a ranchman, my mental fortitude & aerobic conditioning is tested sprinting through a pasture on fire roundin’ goats. Tapping my full potential when needed the most has relied heavily on the only real constant in my adult life…

Rigorous training habits.

I've never looked for anything to be easy, because I'm not preparing for easy. I am preparing for the hardest moments life can throw at me…That is what “exercise” & fitness always has been & always will be for me. 


Regardless of the variables you start with in life or currently have, we all have obstacles in our path that make us work for what we have. We must earn our keep every single day of our lives. 

Without effort there is no value. 

Stress, pain, effort, investment, and determination all strengthen value when it comes to any accomplishments or successes. 

I think it's imperative always to endeavor & adapt to what God & the universe brings us. Sometimes that is a bountiful crop, sometimes it's an obstacle that we have to work around to conquer. Either way we must always work with what we have and adapt to the variables presented. Every single one of us is presented with at least some seeds of success…

What you do with those seeds depends on what you nurture them with. 

Leave them dry and starving and your failure is guaranteed. Nature is a relentless disciplinarian like that.

Water them & feed them daily and your success will be guaranteed. 

I reckon that WORK is required to obtain anything in life of value.


So as the exercising industry is leaning harder than ever into the most convenient, quickest & easiest ways to get abs & all that other shit, all I see is people willingly sacrificing their full-potential in hopes for a painless fast-track to tack some useless muscles onto a useless body guided by a weak mind.


It's a goddamn travesty when I see individuals obsessing over false motivation- a never ending facade, that the attainment of the next big thing will surely catapult them to their fitness goals, satisfaction is always just one step away. Disappointment is their only constant.


Trends and fancy shit is never ending,
but how the body works remains (& has remained) the same.


Maybe that’s why I love fitness so much. No extraneous things will ever help you win the battles in your head.

45 minutes of daily solitude is all it takes…

To quiet the monkeys throwing shit around inside your head

To beat the internal demons down

& sharpen the machinery of your mind

Much like a sword must be thrust into the flame before the tempering of the steel

…by simply proving to yourself that you can & will 

(willingly) step into that fire & do the hard shit day after day-

You prove that you are capable of more


Being the SHARPEST version of yourself is what it's like to operate at your full potential

& there is (I think) nothing more valuable than that. 

That is our gift. 

Do not sacrifice your gift for the easy route.



A modern problem seems to be that many of us know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

45 minutes spent sharpening the mind daily is more valuable than any drink, drug, pill, car, or clothes that money can buy.


Any asshole can buy fancy shit to impress people, any pancake ass can get some injections to lift that shit up without any hard work whatsoever..

But, the asshole is still an asshole, a slave to a diamond studded clock wrapped around his wrist. His expensive car wont get him to work any quicker’ in a busy city than a man in a 2 mule buggy. The heavy shackle on his wrist is sure to only slow him down in the form of labor.


Brazilian butt lifts won't cure gluteal amnesia, nor will it rid the pancake ass of the callouses from excess sitting. 

Brazilian butt lifts sure as shit won't support the need to evacuate a burning building. Flights of stairs don't care how big your ass look.

Being completely useless is a luxury of the rich. The problem isn't that you lack some special thing that will help you reach success & get fitter…It's that you suck at making do with what you got. 



What I'm trying to say is:

 Opportunities don't just magically find their way to you without putting in the work.

 Motivation doesn't just appear out of thin air. 

Many rewards in life will continually elude anyone unwilling to push through pain. 

Stop looking for the easy way.

Stop trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible.

After all- A war easily won is soon forgotten & lessons erased

The whole point of training is that it's hard & takes a long time to see results

Suffering is what gives it value.

Value is linked to difficulty.

If you want something valuable- then you need something which is difficult to obtain. 

You need to do the hard fuckin things if you want to be the absolute fittest version of yourself. 


The fittest version of yourself that I am trying to awaken & provoke is the version that will dominate the hardest moments that life throws at you. 

I truly couldn't give less of a shit what your muscles look like.


You can't pay 4 potential


Place the development of mind & body above all else

& you will have something of so much value

that you will never question 

If / how / why you're training.

That is the gift. 

Don't squander it


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