How to Improve Your Results | Part I

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2021

Better inputs for better outputs is going to be a 3 part series centered around how to improve results by NOT focusing on the goal itself


Without further ado, welcome to Part 1:




[[Outputs depend primarily on inputs, and inputs depend on you.]]


**Therefore our inputs are 100% controllable & actionable; Outputs are not.


An idea that I am pondering as I write this series is…

Nailing the basics is simple, but simple does not mean easy


With New Years comes a lot of resolutions and wishful thinking. So, I wanted to hit on the most simple and essential routine that every single human can implement to promote optimal health and well-being...




Of all the behavioral modifications to positively impact the human body in literally every single way- drinking adequate water is the most cheap, uncomplicated, and readily available. 


**There is a reason why after 400+ workouts with yall- I say the same thing upon finishing training: “HYDRATE, HYDRATE HYDRATE!”


Over 75% of Americans are dehydrated, despite an

abundance of clean, cheap, running water.

When we don’t hydrate our bodies properly- it doesn't function properly and there's no way anyone can perform anything at a high level. 


All of the unpleasantries that come with dehydration:

  • The brain steals all the water it needs and leaves the other organs to deal with the deficit.
  •  Blood flow & circulation is restricted.
  •  Inflammation increases leading the body to being more stiff and achy.
  •  Our system is unable to clear toxic substances and waste as efficiently.
  •  Proper digestion is inhibited 

[[My body has experienced all of these complications, but I was far too busy, ignorant and distracted to acknowledge and take action.]] 




 A lot of beverages like beer, wine, coffee, soda, and energy drinks make us have to go more frequently.


Are you drinking more water while drinking these fluids?


**The more chemicals, flavors, additives, caffeine, sugars and whatever else may be in our drinks—the more water we need to clear them. Water washes out waste and toxins faster than anything else without adding more waste products of any sort. Pretty cool huh?



Here's a groundbreaking daily habit

that you can implement:

Drink one 8 oz glass of water as soon as you wake up.


Now let me walk you through why exactly this habit is so groundbreaking…


I am an absolute coffee fiend and no one will ever convince me to cut back, or quit drinking coffee. EVER. Now that we have established that- next comes that cool concept of addition NOT subtraction we talk about in Tao of Nutrition.


To improve our body's hydration- let's just focus on ADDING some water. What better time to do this than first thing in the morning?


The most prolonged period of the day that the body is without water is when we sleep. Our bodies are still using water while we sleep to help recover, so we wake up in a hydration deficit every morning, it certainly wouldn't hurt to replenish and hydrate.


In the past, I used to fill a glass of water as soon as I woke up then carried it straight to my espresso machine and dumped it in.


Now, I fill that same glass of water and dump it into my mouth instead...

THEN I start ripping coffee.

See? Little wins.


The same practice can be implemented for the wine drinkers as well. Try implementing a 1:1 ratio, drink a glass of water before your glass of wine to MAINTAIN your water storage.


[[Nailing the basic stuff is simple,

but simple is not always so easy.]]


Another Nate-ism:


I often find myself outside in the sun sweating like a hog for hours at a time and Remi has to forcibly encourage me to drink a bottle of water. After a few mouthfuls I try to go back to the task at hand and have to be scolded to finish the rest of the bottle before working again.


I'm working on it and we should all work on it, together.


The goal is simple (but not easy) - drink more water


Game Plan for Drinking More Water

  • Start your day with a full 8-12 oz glass of water
  • Hydration is continuous -Slow and steady wins the race
  • Consistent replenishment all day is better than guzzling 30 oz in one shot
  • Make it the new standard practice to drink a full glass of water with each meal throughout the day. ---->


As it turns out, many times when our bodies are motivating us to eat, they are actually craving water. When the human body learns that we cannot be trusted to drink enough water, it increases our appetite to ensure the necessary water will arrive through food. The human body is really fascinating.



  • Drink enough water, plain, simple and actionable. 
  • Your entire system will appreciate it.
  • Your mood, productivity and health will reflect the improvements.


“But what if I drink too much water?”


…It IS possible to have too much water in our bodies, but in modern society I'm willing to bet that we have too little than too much.

Unless we find ourselves drowning in a 100 gallon well and we have no other choice but to drink all the water in a desperate attempt to prevent drowning. But, I digress…

When paramedics or first responders load an individual into an ambulance- the first thing they do is administer FLUIDS & oxygen. Amazingly these two can serve to potentially arrest, reverse and prevent further ailments.

Emergency personnel are never worried about OVERhydration and you shouldn't be either. What's more concerning is the lack of hydration. 


In 2022 let's move daily and hydrate out bodies.




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