Out-Training a Bad Diet

health mindset Feb 17, 2022


Over time your body reflects  your HABITS & will adapt to the demands that you place on it every day… 


Habit has become a very hackneyed watch-word in Western Self Help Culture. 

We have the capacity to create seemingly endless problems for ourselves but there is always some NEW HABIT that will fix our problem. 

What if our actual problem is a habit? [The Habit is the Problem- a new self help book by Nate]

What if we habitually skip exercise, habitually reach for junk food, habitually take the elevator, habitually reach for anything easy, convenient, and instantly gratifying?


We all know that there is no one-single quick fix that can lead to real-sustainable health. You have to live that fuckin life. Every-single-day. It takes deliberate action to instill the healthy habits that govern good health.


Consider this:

  • Do we all exercise every single day? No
  • Do we all eat every single day? Yes


 What we eat every single day has the power to infect every single area of our lives positively or negatively. 


No sane person wants to be overweight or ill…It seems though- that much of society eats for the sake of pleasure, but for that very same reason are unwilling to desist from eating.



A human can potentially consume 800 calories in 3 minutes. In the same allotted 3 minutes a human could potentially burn approx. 45 calories doing HIIT training. 

Point in case: It is far easier to consume 800 calories than it is to burn it. Humans tend to opt for ‘easier’ & ‘convenient’ more often than the road of delayed gratification because it's easier to overeat than it is to burn it.

Not only does it take less time (& energy) to eat than exercise,  but it's also much easier & convenient to consume pre-packaged & processed junk food than it is to curate a wholesome meal out of real ingredients. Doggonit. It's a double edged sword.



Cutting back on calories does not seem to be the answer to successful weight loss or good health either.

500 calories worth of vegetables and lean protein & 500 calories of croissants and soda are not created equal & will undoubtedly have different effects on our bodies. Different types of macro-nutrients metabolize (are processed & used) differently in our bodies. The way that we are able to use (or not able to use) the food that we are consuming is in direct correlation with fat accumulation or metabolism increase/ or decrease.

Consumption of foodstuffs lacking nutritional content fail to provide the human body with adequate energy levels and the power of compounding starts to work against you…

Less energy to move around and be active means less overall calories burned off.

In a similar fashion- restricting the amount of food eaten also yields similar results in the lack of energy to meet life's daily demands.


  INCREASE the QUALITY & QUANTITY of what you're eating. Consume as much of the highest quality, nutrient dense foods you can get your hands on & watch everything start to fall into place. 


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