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Uncategorized Mar 01, 2023

Unless pre-fatigue has something to do with enhancing the main course, the prescribed warm-ups in Homebodies PERSIST cycles are intentionally short, sweet & to the damn point..I frequently get my head wrapped around an axle on how one should prepare themselves for hard efforts, but it is incredibly difficult to translate & sometimes a mistake to generalize.

So, in our daily practice- we simply prime & prep the muscle tissue just enough to get the party started.

There is very little to be heard &/or understood when one is in the throes of a truly intense effort. The world seems a blur…

& yet, most believe—incorrectly—that this is where the magic happens.
It is not.
Yes, intensity is required for improvement, but improvement is at the crossroads of intentional action and conflict with self—I would say most of it occurs before conflict with self. 

Progress happens when repetition is under a most conscious state- it is directly correlated with attention & solidified only in deep-subconscious sleep & proper recovery. 

These are the unsung- yet primary reasons one is able to make progress.

A general warm up might include moving around a bit, getting some blood flowing and elevating the heart rate…
But, what it really (should be) is- a side effect of what the mind is doing;
constructing an operating checklist 

Priming your system is all about feedback & assessment.
This can’t happen if you are not actively engaged in conversation with your body. 

How do you do this?

Shit-loads of attention.

“Warming up” is simply about learning to pay attention & then HOLDING that attention OR holding yourself accountable for being unable to do so. 

I don’t know why exactly some people have a hard time achieving what they said they wanted to, or why others can’t seem to avoid chronic or catastrophic injury, but I do know that it is highly correlated with attention & the lack of it. 

–all answers to progress seemingly revolve around how much attention you are or NOT paying.  

Next time you train, pay attention to how much you can pay attention & for how long. How much do you really warm up, what are you thinking about when you do? If you can’t seem to recover from nagging injuries, or progress seems stagnant, double your warmup time & cut your training in half. 

When you really have a handle on priming the system, it will be hard to tell when the warmup ends and the workout begins.
Once you see the progress you can make by narrowing your focus, there is no other way but to pay attention. 

The bill for your attention is always due.

Pay it in full.


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