Words are powerful...choose them wisely

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2023

"Watch your thoughts,

For they become your words.

Watch your words,

For they become your actions.

Watch your actions,

For they become your habits.

Watch your habits,

For they become your character. 

Watch your character,

For it becomes your destiny."

-Lao Tzu

All that we achieve & all that we fail to achieve is a direct result of our thoughts.

Your words -especially the ones you speak to yourself- are effective & powerful.
Over time they will build or destroy you.

We CANT directly choose our circumstances, 

but we CAN choose our thoughts & words…

& so indirectly, yet surely, [re]shape our circumstances.

"Can't" is a seed of doubt planted in the mind, 

taking root to produce more of its own-

invasive weeds that blossom with no action, bearing no fruit-

…only unpleasant external conditions.

Thoughts of doubt & fear never accomplish anything, and never can.

They inevitably always lead to failure.

Purpose, energy, power to do & all strong words & thoughts 

cease when doubt & fear are allowed to creep in & take root.

Oftentimes the white flag of defeat is waved far too hastily in our efforts

“I can't” crystalizes into a crutch of weak & irresolute habits

Which solidifies into a slavish dependence on circumstances of failure.

Sow a thought reap an action

The will TO-DO springs from the belief that we CAN-do.

Allow new seeds of purpose & self belief to fall into the mind;

then onto the tongue. 

Watered with action & accountability these words you think & speak 

bear the fruit of opportunity & good circumstance(s).

Replace I can't with “how can I”

…& find that as our words are altered, as are the conditions of our life. 

"Im Trying"

“I'm trying to quit drinking.”

“I'm trying to get up earlier.”

“I'm trying to exercise more.”

An undeniable sign that someone just kinda wants something. 

To just "try" opens you up to accept failure without actually taking responsibility.

It implies that you are not making changes in the present but rather, later in the future. 

All I hear when someone says that they're trying is: 

"I'm not really willing to hold myself accountable for my actions at this moment." 

Clean thoughts make clean habits-

Even if you only started getting up earlier 2 days ago..

Even if you decided not to drink booze starting  yesterday..

Set the mind that come hell or high water, 

you ARE a morning person

you are NOT putting booze in your mouth-

Your body is a servant of the mind;

It obeys the operations & commands of your words & thoughts-

Whether deliberately chosen or automatically expressed.

Trying comes from a general lack of confidence & self control.

On the other hand-

In choosing action & accountability- 

habits of temperance & self control are formed quite readily.

Your capabilities are a matter of choice. 
Choose your words wisely.

We don't “HAVE TO” move our bodies…
We GET TO exercise everyday. 




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