Wellness sayings that suck

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022


Sayings that really suck 

  • “Forgiveness is really a gift to yourself.”
  • “It is important to accept yourself as you are, ask forgiveness of yourself, show yourself grace, you are deserving of wonderful things.”

Enough forgiveness & acceptance to diminish the impulse to improve..
Enough to slide by & be average- 

We seem to fear our highest possibilities (as well as our lowest ones)
Allowing the fear of our own heights lowers our own ceiling for growth.
This normalcy is a kind of sickness that we share with everybody else & therefore don't notice.
normalcy or averageness becomes the best we can expect.
We become content with it.

You can perform only to the level of your expectations
& if you are constantly expecting to forgive yourself;
It is only rational to expect stagnation.

Growth & comfort unfortunately cannot coexist.

Replace entitlement with effort-
Take extreme accountability & ownership of yourself- your time, your actions, your inactions.

Stop forgiving yourself when you fail to do what you said you'd do.

DON'T accept yourself for who you are-

Accept the fact that you can set an attainable goal  

There may not be much glory in that. 

Because if you're not in great shape the goal that you can attain tomorrow is not very glorious, but it's 1% better than yesterday..

 & a hell of alot better than being constantly bitter or blaming someone else.

 It's just a small step on a very long journey 

That small step today sets you up to take a slightly bigger step the next day

& that's how momentum is created.


Your best strategic position is to take aim & set a standard for who you want to be.

Then ask- “how am i insufficient & how can i rectify that?”
Both are within your grasp if you aim properly.

[high standards should be daunting]
But the high possibilities that come with higher standards is money well spent.

Be dead serious and resolute about what you say you’re going to do —& execute.
Taking yourself seriously might not sound like much fun — until you actually do it. 

It’s only then that you’ll discover what’s better than levity, amusement, and pleasure: 

purpose, achievement & freedom 

Set a goal. 

Set a deadline for yourself..

Build a tall fence around your time and energy. “
(Make sure it’s a really tall fence. High tensile wire, electric fence. Protect these things at all costs.) 

Don't waste your time telling people about your goals, just get to work...
The only person gonna hold you accountable is you.

Your human potential is unlimited, but you're not owed a damn thing.
This new standard is who you are right now. Hold it.
& let the momentum build.

‘One must be ready to burn themselves in their own flame; how could anyone rise anew if they have not first become ashes.’

-Friedrich Nietzsche

To put it poetically: a part of your old self must die in order for your new greater self to emerge.
[…& it may burn a little;
but what is to give light,
must endure the burning]


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