Better Results by Connecting Mind & Body | Part 3

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Do you think our emotional mood prompts physical changes in our body, or do the physical body changes affect the mind and mood?

This 3 part series- better inputs for better outputs is all about the correlation of what goes into our body & the overall effect that it plays to the human condition- physically, mentally & spiritually.

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As humans we are a fluctuating reflection of our inputs and it's far more than just what we are eating and drinking. It's what we read, what we listen to, what we watch and who we associate with. So, I want to set down some words indicative of my own personal meditations and experiences on the matter. This is not some ‘power-of-positive-thinking’ fodder. I write this in hopes that it can help you bring awareness to your state of consciousness and how it affects day to day life. Throughout my trials and errors I have found that without strength of mind, absolutely nothing worthy of accomplishment can be done.

I want to make it very clear that what we choose to consume can have a very powerful impact on our overall state of well-being,  so it's OK to be a picky eater when it comes to your mind.



Powerful Posture Deliberate Movement & Mindful Thinking are your tools to rise above the unnecessary suffering, defeat, doubt and ignorance that comes with a negative piss-poor state of being.

Our body is our vehicle for interacting with the world.

How we treat it, what we use it for & what we consume directly affects our perception(s) of the world.

I like to think of an old saying- “If you run into a jerk in the morning, you ran into one jerk. If you run into them all day, every day, you are the jerk.” 

I used to be a train wreck when it came to my focus, I was so discontent with so many things. I was too blind to see that my focus was directly congruent with my disgusted attitude. Natural setbacks threatened plans, my frustration level would elevate and stay high all day.

Negativity was my default state of mind…needless to say- I ran into a lot of jerks.

Here's the thing though- emotions are NOT hard-wired, uncontrollable reactions. They are NOT permanent. 

Our emotions are built and crafted…We feel what we focus on & with a little self awareness and discipline we can USE THE BODY AND MIND instead of allowing it to USE YOU.



 The Undeniable Power of State- 

Our interpretations, decisions & actions are direct results of our present state. It determines how we see, what we hear & how we feel. -Meaning that almost all of our behavioral and emotional patterns are connected to our state- they are a packaged deal.

One of the most valuable skills we can all cultivate in daily life is the ability to recognize when we are in a negative state & break it.

The body & mind are extremely powerful when tapped to their truest potential- so I want to break down physical & mental practices to disrupt a negative state & break piss-poor patterns.


How to change a negative state:


Just as a body filled with sugar cannot function optimally. A mind filled with negativity & prevarication fails to think clearly & makes us a real unpleasant person to be around.

Because there is no clear delineation marking where physiology (our body) stops & psychology (our mind) starts in real life- we must master both...The mind and body are permanently tethered together and constantly coordinating. Our existence and performance in day to day life is a by-product of that inseparable blend.

Let's start with the body (physiology)

One of my favorite ‘Rules for Life’ by Jordan Peterson is:


Stand up straight with your shoulders back.

Body positioning is a really dynamic starting point for breaking patterns. I dont think it's necessary to go in depth with all the studies about the benefits of spinal alignment, upright posture, flexibility and other physical activities. Just know that body position and movement affect just about everything in the human body. That is the case for how much oxygen gets to our brain, how well the body processes toxic waste products & everything in between. Posture is powerful & it is a key influencer for changing your overall state. 


Once awareness is driven to the particular-piss-poor-pattern we want to elicit a type of aversion reaction similar to that mad swatting & spitting thing you would do if you just walked your face into a spider web. This is the pivot point from the body components to the mind & if executed properly- we can utilize that baboon on steroids and methamphetamines dance as momentum to take aim at FOCUS.


The outer conditions of a person's life will always be found to be harmoniously related to their inner state. & so alteration in the outer circumstances has been in exact ratio with the individual's altered condition. Every thought-seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind & take root there produces its own- blossoming sooner or later into act, bearing its own fruit. Good thoughts= good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit…


Good thoughts & actions can NEVER produce bad results;

Bad thoughts and actions can NEVER produce good results.


So we tap the science of Self Control (discipline)- Instead of projecting outward, let us bring the focus inward & gain mental clarity by Setting your own house in perfect order before criticizing the world -(another of my favorite 12 rules) KON-MARI the mind (..if you will)  if it doesn't spark joy, it should occupy no space in your head- throw it the fuck out & don't bother to say thank you. 



In a world filled with busyness, clutter, and constant distractions our souls are simply longing for simple, peaceful stillness- reading-thinking-doing absolutely nothing…a typical hectic day there is way too much competition for your head space so we need more brake and less gas.


“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” -Pascale


When i first started (trying to) meditate- the only thing i could really focus on was how much i hated wasting time…Then i started diving into the deep questions like: if life demands so much of me that i don't have the freedom to do what i need to do, like meditate, exercise, read, play…i must then admit that i am a prisoner…making time to think better will undoubtedly shape the way we consume information and interact in the world.


We must make time for meditation every single day- I like to refer to my meditations as ‘Mental Hygiene.’ Every single day, first thing in the morning I aim for a half hour of meditation, except for days that I am very busy- then a full hour is needed…

It is during this time that we can remove the weeds of evil from the mind to harvest a well ordered life…Once we focus on a single positive- we can see more clearly, coincidentally people get less ugly, minor inconsequential shit affects us less & opportunities present themselves everywhere.

A healthier mindset oriented toward individual responsibility and development of character turns the world into an entirely different place.

 Mindset influences emotions

 Emotions influence actions

 Actions determine character 


Maintaining our mental fitness is just as important to avoid (intellectual) obesity as developing our physical fitness is.

Choosing a superior way to see and interpret the world quickly contributes to the evolution of our best self. Which is in perfect alignment with optimal health and well-being & that is all I have ever been seeking.

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- Nate


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