Words are powerful...choose them wisely

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2023

"Watch your thoughts,

For they become your words.

Watch your words,

For they become your actions.

Watch your actions,

For they become your habits.

Watch your habits,

For they become your character. 

Watch your character,

For it becomes your destiny."

-Lao Tzu

All that we achieve & all that we fail to achieve is a direct result of our thoughts.

Your words -especially the ones you speak to yourself- are effective & powerful.
Over time they will build or destroy you.

We CANT directly choose our circumstances, 

but we CAN choose our thoughts & words…

& so indirectly, yet surely, [re]shape our circumstances.

"Can't" is a seed of doubt planted in the mind, 

taking root to produce more of its own-

invasive weeds that blossom with no action, bearing no fruit-

…only unpleasant external conditions.

Thoughts of doubt & fear never accomplish anything, and never can.

They inevitably always lead to failure.

Purpose, energy, power to do...

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Wellness sayings that suck

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022


Sayings that really suck 

  • “Forgiveness is really a gift to yourself.”
  • “It is important to accept yourself as you are, ask forgiveness of yourself, show yourself grace, you are deserving of wonderful things.”

Enough forgiveness & acceptance to diminish the impulse to improve..
Enough to slide by & be average- 

We seem to fear our highest possibilities (as well as our lowest ones)
Allowing the fear of our own heights lowers our own ceiling for growth.
This normalcy is a kind of sickness that we share with everybody else & therefore don't notice.
normalcy or averageness becomes the best we can expect.
We become content with it.

You can perform only to the level of your expectations
& if you are constantly expecting to forgive yourself;
It is only rational to expect stagnation.

Growth & comfort unfortunately cannot coexist.

Replace entitlement with effort-
Take extreme accountability & ownership of yourself- your time, your...

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Self Discipline

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

 “…What kinda shit are you letting yourself get away with?”

Life becomes really fucking simple once you begin to understand that your rewards compound the longer you delay them. Delaying gratification requires discipline.  & discipline is hard because it's about doing hard things. 

It starts with waking up early & moving your body every single day. Making yourself stronger, faster, more mobile & healthier. It is eating the right foods to fuel your system correctly. It is maintaining control of your emotions to make good decisions & controlling your ego so it doesn't get out of hand & control you. It's about treating people the way that you'd want to be treated and doing tasks you don't want to do, but you know will help you. 

Discipline is about facing your fears so you can conquer them.

Taking the hard, uphill road- to do what is right for you & for others.
So often, the easy path calls us: to be weak in that moment....

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master the art of the inner-b*tch slap

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2022

A drunken & brilliant poet once said-

“Find what you love & let it kill you.”

I say- ‘figure out what's important & master the art of the inner bitch slap.’


disciplined    architects    don't    ride    backwards    horses    with    dull    saws

- an aphorism for figuring out what's important & creating your perfect morning routine.



There is a tale of an old wise man who came across a young feller sawing feverishly at a large oak tree in the woods- 

The old man asked “what are you doing, son?”

The young fella barks impatiently at the old wise man- 

“I must saw down this tree, stack the wood & make it home all before dark”

“That's quite a load of work you've got there.” The wise man replied.

“I have been at it for over 5 hours & still have so much yet to do.”

After having a look...

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morning routine of a miscreant

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2022

The early bird gets the worm, so they say.

Sounds like banal-platitude to me.


I don't have a 5 step wake up strategy & I don't know how to boost productivity or ‘find flow’ or any of that crap. I don't really know much about anything.

  • I don't wake up at the ass-crack of dawn every day because of the military.
  • I don't exercise every morning to bio-hack well-ness & productivity.
  • I don't read every morning because I wanna be the smartest dude or make a million dollars.


The mornings quite simply seemed like a good time for quiet contemplation in a loud and chaotic city. That's it. 

A chance to examine my thoughts in an attempt to improve the struggle against the retardedness of my mind.

Solace for the introspection of beliefs, values & life after war.

Getting the heart rate elevated & getting the blood pumping was a great way to create energy & momentum into the day ahead. It also seemed like a good way to pump blood into my brain.

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Don't sacrifice the gift

mindset Aug 10, 2022

 The more I think about it- (at least in my eyes) coaching is about 97% just inspiring &/or provoking people to get out of their own way,  so they can tap into their full potential. 

That's probably because exercise has always been about so much more than just building muscles for me. I don't know a whole lot about the world, but I have come to understand that for some reason- the hardest moments seem to be the most rewarding ones. 

Some of our badass Hōmebodies members.


From being the scrawniest dude in my platoon—needing to put on strength for carrying combat loads…

Now as a ranchman, my mental fortitude & aerobic conditioning is tested sprinting through a pasture on fire roundin’ goats. Tapping my full potential when needed the most has relied heavily on the only real constant in my adult life…

Rigorous training habits.

I've never looked for anything to be easy, because I'm not preparing for easy. I am preparing...

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Nose 2 Tail

health lifestyle nutrition Jun 07, 2022

 All of us have to do the work in some way, shape, or form for our food. Whether that be getting and/or preparing our food, we all have to put in this work to give our future selves the best we can. 

But, it's a damn good feeling- knowing that we give enough shits about our FUTURE selves to give them the best we’ve got every single day.

That builds real-authentic confidence, instead of feeling like we’re always letting ourselves down by eating like shit.  

 We do it today as a gift for tomorrow. 



There was a time when I spent less than 10 dollars per day on my nutrition & still managed to perform as a competitive athlete day in and day out. 


I used to go to this restaurant in DTLA next to a fashion school- Panini-Cafe- notorious for heaping huge breakfast plates. Loaded with greens, eggs, taters- the works. At 10:30am the skinny fashion girls would start pouring in to buy brunch that they...

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How to find your UNTAPPED potential

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2022

I've never seen a wild thing that felt sorry for itself 

I write this not to inspire a quest of mindless suffering, but with the simple aim of better preparing you for the times that life deals a shitty hand of cards. There are incredible benefits (mentally, physically & spiritually) to be had in discomfort, all it takes is a mindset shift.

 One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to avoid excessive comfort…

Craving perpetual relaxation, convenience & a sense of safety suffocates us with a warm embrace that provides only short term gratification.  We sit safely in our human zoo, protected from many challenges we used to face. But the bars of the cage remind us of our limitations as domesticated creatures…We comfort ourselves with material possessions perhaps as a way to forget how the lack of adversity has also stripped our lives of meaning and purpose. 

The photo of the 5 cheetah brothers in Masai Mara serves as sort of...

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How Strong is Strong Enough?

mindset Feb 24, 2022

Last week we asked you guys to answer the question, "How strong is strong enough" and this response from Danielle really stood out to us: 


"I've experienced ‘strong enough’ all throughout this past year working a physically strenuous job, but I found myself still able to wake up, work on Homebodies, and do it all again. Working through the program (now for the second time) has helped me in my day to day life.

 Something as simple as lifting grocery bags, cleaning the house, etc. feels like nothing, knowing I have the groundwork completed and can properly use my body so as not to hurt it.

‘Strong enough’ is what I always envision myself to be, knowing I have the tools to properly use and train my muscles, soothe my muscles, and keep them engaged in day to day life.

We only get one body, so why not have your personal best version of it?

So grateful to have Homebodies every morning to ground myself and work on myself."


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Out-Training a Bad Diet

health mindset Feb 17, 2022


Over time your body reflects  your HABITS & will adapt to the demands that you place on it every day… 


Habit has become a very hackneyed watch-word in Western Self Help Culture. 

We have the capacity to create seemingly endless problems for ourselves but there is always some NEW HABIT that will fix our problem. 

What if our actual problem is a habit? [The Habit is the Problem- a new self help book by Nate]

What if we habitually skip exercise, habitually reach for junk food, habitually take the elevator, habitually reach for anything easy, convenient, and instantly gratifying?


We all know that there is no one-single quick fix that can lead to real-sustainable health. You have to live that fuckin life. Every-single-day. It takes deliberate action to instill the healthy habits that govern good health.


Consider this:

  • Do we all exercise every single day? No
  • Do we all eat every single day? Yes


 What we...
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