You're Not Lazy, You're a Victim of Comfort

mindset Feb 01, 2022
Are you trying to get ‘fitter’ by specifically focusing only on the one hour that you may spend training? Then once that hour is over you don't really do much else? Many of us would benefit profoundly by just incorporating more methods of movement & variety throughout the day.


A majority of individuals that may label themselves as un-FIT are not maladapted at all. In fact, it’s quite the contrary- they are adapted quite perfectly to the environment that they find themselves in most frequently.


The painfully apparent theme- 

 We are (literally & figuratively) killing ourselves with comfort. 



I’ve often wondered why it seems, as a culture, so many of us are unhealthy, unhappy and sick- despite neverending “advancements”, an overabundance of food, and endless scientific progress to make our lives better. As a whole, we are getting LESS FIT and MORE SICK each year. Shouldn't we be...

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Embrace the Season

mindset Jan 25, 2022

The winter months are that time of year when our rhythm starts to seriously shift. It gets darker earlier, cold(er) weather, and back to back holidays have the potential to inevitably upend any healthy routines that you may have worked really hard to create. 


 (Ice baths are a regular occurrence in my household)


It is first important to note that the word “Fitness” as I refer to it has nothing to do with the modern fitness industry, but rather- the state of our physical-being. That is a culmination of our nutrition, health & well-being (lack of sickness, both mental & physical) as well as the ability to perform challenging physical activities that may present themselves to us in daily life. So it's important that we use every tool at our disposal not just to survive through these months, but use it as a chance to adapt, evolve & THRIVE. Because there are far more ways to move the needle on our “fitness” than mindlessly...

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Better Results by Connecting Mind & Body | Part 3

 Mind / Body 

 Motion & Emotion 

Do you think our emotional mood prompts physical changes in our body, or do the physical body changes affect the mind and mood?

This 3 part series- better inputs for better outputs is all about the correlation of what goes into our body & the overall effect that it plays to the human condition- physically, mentally & spiritually.

Read Part 1 and Part 2



As humans we are a fluctuating reflection of our inputs and it's far more than just what we are eating and drinking. It's what we read, what we listen to, what we watch and who we associate with. So, I want to set down some words indicative of my own personal meditations and experiences on the matter. This is not some ‘power-of-positive-thinking’ fodder. I write this in hopes that it can help you bring awareness to your state of consciousness and how it affects day to day life. Throughout my trials and errors I have found that without...

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Get Better Results with Nutrition | Part 2


This series is about improving the standard of our health and wellness by becoming more mindful of our "inputs."

Part 1 covered the importance of the most essential compound for all of life- H2O. If you missed it, you can read it here. 

Part 2 is all about the NomNoms, let’s dig in.



They say that the key to success in life can be found in our daily routine.

So, if you want to make the largest impact in your life- the key is to start with something really simple that you can do every day.

The topic of food and how to properly nourish our bodies SHOULD be simple by nature... unfortunately it has become needlessly complicated.

 Many people obsess over obscure items while ignoring the most basic standards for eating that actually carry the most massive weight. I'm here to KISS. (No, not like that, this is what I mean- keep it simple stupid)



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How to Improve Your Results | Part I

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2021

Better inputs for better outputs is going to be a 3 part series centered around how to improve results by NOT focusing on the goal itself


Without further ado, welcome to Part 1:




[[Outputs depend primarily on inputs, and inputs depend on you.]]


**Therefore our inputs are 100% controllable & actionable; Outputs are not.


An idea that I am pondering as I write this series is…

Nailing the basics is simple, but simple does not mean easy


With New Years comes a lot of resolutions and wishful thinking. So, I wanted to hit on the most simple and essential routine that every single human can implement to promote optimal health and well-being...




Of all the behavioral modifications to positively impact the human body in literally every single way- drinking adequate water is the most cheap, uncomplicated, and readily available. 



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